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I recently purchased the Lexicon PCM Reverb bundle and found it to be a great addition to my arsenal of plug ins and my new "go to" reverb of choice.
Its a bit pricey both worth it.
Has anyone else here tried it and if so,your opinions please.
it's incredible. also has become my goto for my home setup. with these reverbs i feel i can create any air/room i want...e.g. if i want to match the air or verb of a sample that has a very distinct air/room i feel like this verb can do it...and i've yet to find a plugin that can do that. In regards to matching 'air', you really have to know what your doing with the settings (gotta know the fundamentals shortcut seekers!!) and you have to pick the right verb to correspond to that sound (plate on snare etc.) but these reverbs can seemingly do it all.