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Old 30th May 2003
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Heyee Slipper - Thanks!

You know I was just getting on here tonite to say that I only had 2 days to go, and had one great time, and that I too had learned a lot,... including how to even get on a Web Forum.

As you can tell I like to rant on some things but... you all rant about things too, and I loved it. From the Moment Jules, Dave, Martin, Fae, and Lee Flier said Hi, till now, everyone has been so friendly and kind, that it had me signing on every few hours, to see what new angle was being explored... or outrageous idea for a product... or favorite album, etc had appeared on here.

Theres obviously a lot of major dudes hanging out here, and I was soooo pleasantly surprised to see familiar folks on here... folks that I had no idea had tendencies towards debaucherous "slutz-dom."

I wanna say an especial thanks to JULES for inviting me to moderate... and then watch him wondering if I was going to embarass him by not showing.. <laughing> I had a wonderful time Jules, and thanks for your patience... and for pinning me down for another great life experience. Youre a good man, and Im buying you a drink the next time I see ya.

Theres two more days to rant and rave on here so let me just once again say ...