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Old 1st April 2010
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Hey... I just got my new N12 yesterday.

something I nothiced that I am totally disappointed with is the headphones output. I have the ST/OUT going thru my headphone amp and I have the CTRL/R going to my monitors (so I can turn them down while tracking). That is the way I always worked. But I hooked up my headphones to the headphones jack and it is terrible. It sounds like I am listening to my song thru a shoebox. Apparently Yamaha didn't put any innovation or effort into the headphone jacks and now I am find them useless. All I seen were great reviews of the N12, but never seen anyone comment on those jacks. Anyone else notice it?

~ Ed
Hi Ed

I'll bet your problem isn't the headphone out on the N12 - you're probably overdriving its amp. In Cubase, hit F3 to call up its mixer. Check the Aux out level - it's probably clipping. Turn it down. Problem gone?
This happens to me on almost every song once I start adding tracks.

If the problem remains, try different headphones, or run the phone out into a channel to check it.