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Favorite Adjectives or Terms

Hooo Boy, we have a good time around here with terms. You should see all the names of switches and Knobs we have come up with. Im not gonna tell you all of them cuz who knows, someday we may use them!

My favorite all time switch or set of terms for a control?? That Im gonna tell ya, cuz I would love to have had somethin in my studio with it.

I want a big Ol Toggle switch labled with "DEMO" in the Down or Off position, and the word "ALBUM" when in the ON or UP position. Of course the studio has the right to charge more for when the switch is in the UP position.
If anyone sees this switch appear shortly after this post, tell em we have it copyrighted and our lawyers are comin <laughing>

Course theres always the GOOD/BAD switch too...

Originally posted by Paterno
WARM (or it's variations -- warmth, or tube warmth)!!
Just like when people describe the huge low end on Zeppelin records. What low end?... -John
<Laughing, again> Maybe its one of those things where its not all the low end they are noticing but, the lack of high end! But in the case of Led Zep, I suspect its the huge drum sounds like "When the Levy Breaks" where the kick has this sustain unlike anything else from those days. I honestly referred to that drum sound many times when demoing the Distressor.
The use of "Warmth" in the Fatso caused us quite of bit of glee, and tongue in cheekness, frankly. First off, I dont think the word "Warmths" exists! (As when you link the channels by pressing both "Warmths"). Originally it was called HF Sat for High Frequency Saturation - but there there was no "ring" to it.

Since Warm has been an overused term since the digital audio age began, I said "Hell, lets give the people what they want." Honestly, it does soften the top end and make things less pointy and provide the ability to listen louder to mixes without your ears clamping down on the transients. I think this is part of the definition of warm audio.

More later!

PS John Paterno - I been listening to the Jack**** Album and enjoying it. Damn those guys can play. The 2nd song has a Hendrixy flavor - and thats not something I have ever said about an album catering to the Country and Western market! And Oh man, the third track is blazing. That has to be 200BPM. Swinging baby! Fun and unusual. Great sounds as always, and I guess its really mostly just 3 pieces playing. Funny too. I was wondering where the song "Hold that Critter Down" was gonna go...