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DDMF Metaplugin

Any one try it? Im a mac *** so I wait.... its eloborated insert slots...

****I proudly present to you DDMF's new piece of software, the Metaplugin. It is a bit different from the current line up since it is not an effect in itself but capable of loading other VST plugins and routing/interconnecting them in all sorts of ways. Create your personal effect chains, specified to your needs, and save them so that you can quickly dial in the sound you need in future projects. Build your own custom effects by using existing plugins as building blocks! To get you started, a flat-summing 4-band crossover filter and a Mid-Side matrix plugin are included in the package. This means you can instantly create multiband and mid-side versions of just about any plugin on your harddisk!
The demo version is available on **** DDMF-The home of Equalizers-DDMF **** and will not save effect chains. The full version is, as always with DDMF, totally overpriced and will cost you a whopping 15 $.
Limitations: Waves plugins will not load. Feedback loops are not supported. A Mac version is being worked on.

Greetings, Christian****