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Originally posted by etherize
I am planning on picking up a vintech. I see many people comment on how the x73 is good but the vintech 1272 sucks. I don't think I need the eq section so I am inclined to pick up the 1272 if the preamp is pretty close to the x73. Have any of you compared the two? I know that the x73 was a newer design so maybe they got it right at that point.
My ears tell me something completely different than "the 1272 sucks" (which it does not by any means). That description is very suprising to me, because it's as if whoever would say that hasn't put it up in front of an instrument and just listened. I have compared the two extensively (X73 vs 1272) for myself and customers and it wins shootouts many times over other "popularly percieved" preamps depending on the application that the customer is looking for. There is no "right or wrong" with either of these tools. The main difference that I hear is that the X73 has airier highs (like a great condition 1073), where as the 1272 strength lies in the midrange (Kind of like a U67 vs U47). The price difference between the units is really decieving, and I wouldn't ignore either one based on that or anything else (in other words use your ears). Suprisingly I have been prefering the 1272 over the X73 for bass guitar and acoustic guitar (next to a Phoenix Audio DRS-2, depending on the guitar and player). It provides that really great Beatley 'Rubber Soul' kind of sound. No, it's not the same type of preamp, but that's what I hear. I could use X73's on everything if I wanted, and somehow find justification for it because it's 'more expensive', but I'm going to base everything soley on the sound, and not price, marketing or politics. YMMV.