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... I have the ST/OUT going thru my headphone amp and I have the CTRL/R going to my monitors (so I can turn them down while tracking). That is the way I always worked. But I hooked up my headphones to the headphones jack and it is terrible. It sounds like I am listening to my song thru a shoebox. Apparently Yamaha didn't put any innovation or effort into the headphone jacks and now I am find them useless. All I seen were great reviews of the N12, but never seen anyone comment on those jacks. Anyone else notice it?

Maybe we should compromise together and start a Yamaha support forum? The only support forums are threads in gearslutz and a few others. But you have to weed through so many posts to find anything. Let me look into this and see if I can find something that would work... I've built many different websites and forums... but I'd rather find a free one and not have to pay for hosting, etc.
Anyone else have this issue with your N12 about the headphone jack and output? Or did I get a lemon?

Also, no one is interested in trying to start some kind of public Yamaha support forum (instead of one thread)?