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Favourite Adjective?

Hiya Everybody (and Mr Derr particularly, it is an honour),

What are your favourite adjectives for describing sound, and in what context do you use them? I hear lots of people use "warmth", "smooth", "clean", and "cheesecake", but are there others, the more obscure the better! I believe that this would be extremely useful for designers and manufacturers (like Mr Derr) so they can think names for their next "mystery knob". I think most people love gear with a mystery knob, one that doesn't really say what it does, it just states "more" or "super" or "pulverise". Marketing departments from all companies can come here and finally make gear that speaks the same language as us, shall we call it "slut-ese"? Maybe "slut-esque"? Possibly "gearslutian"? Let's make sure that we use our chosen word(s) in a sentence, for example:

Producer (while smoking cuban cigar) "the bass is missing something, it needs more cheesecake..."
Engineer (after a string of muttered explesives) "...I'll patch it into the (insert esoteric equipment) and turn up the "frosting" knob..."

Producers and Lead singers may not speak the same language as us poor recordists or engineers, but at least our gear may be on the same level!