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Originally posted by alphajerk
why would they want to re-create it exactly? i think it can be done better. the problem only seems to exist with people who have associated events with previous incarnations.
But can it always be done better? What are we going for here -- something 'technically improved' or something that you'll want to listen to over and over again? I have heard enough of these 'remixes' to know that the large majority of them pale in comparison to the originally released verisons. If they were better, I wouldn't be typing so furiously right now (fast, but not angry!). I felt like I got ripped off when I heard a record that I had not heard in a long time, and it was not as good as I remembered. I had to dig out my vinyl copy, and within 10 seconds I realized how much better the vinyl was. then I had to track down a re-mastered, 24K Gold, CD of the original mixes just to have it on CD, (because this was the only other version available). If I played you both CD's, you'd hear exactly what I am talking about.

And by the way, was the 80's version of the ZZ Top songs mentioned earlier better? You know, the ones with all the 'modern sounding' gated reverb on them? They sound more like period pieces than the original recordings.

It's not just a matter of 'associated events' here, it's a matter of why we bought the previous incarnation in the first place. The performance of the mixer,the producer, and the band at that time is just that - a performance, and that 'document' is an important part of the final product, even if it is not as obvious as the melody or lyrics. And it is the missing ingredient in the remix process...

In the end, it's just got to make me want to listen to it again...