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Originally posted by alphajerk
pet sounds was done originally in mono, yet they made it into stereo, but its still called pet sounds... BUT both are available on the same disc. thank god they redid it in stereo. mono might of been what brain wilson had in mind, well... thats all he hears anyway, but the stereo version is [subjectively] better IMO.
Alpha, Thats a GREAT IDEA! I have no problem with that kind of thinking, where they still give you the original mixes. Also sometimes people did pseudo stereo mixes that got summed to mono at the mastering house in the old days. I consider those still semi-original mixes in a way cuz they were done at the same time, same people, same exact setup, just different pans. Also, Im sorry I missed the fact the Bill Laswell albums were renamed. Then its clear that something is different and I'm not getting the album that I spent months listening to up in my bedroom as a teenager, while fantasizing about Cheryl on the cheerleading team.