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Originally posted by alphajerk
im certainly not fixated on the past and keeping it "as-was"... just because they were what they were doesnt mean they can be done better.
I agree but... dont you think that when you buy Derek And the Dominoes, or any classic album that is represented as the Original... it should be the same damn mixes?? Im not saying you shouldnt have "REMIX" albums but dont call them the original name. Call it Derek And the Dominoes 2003 or whatever... The mixes were part of the "art", and good or bad, that is what they were.

A model T had no Air conditioning, and no windup windows, but it is what it is, in the evolution of cars. I think we should respect the original craft for what it is/was, and for its place in the evolution of that craft. And yet it was beautiful in its own right.

However, I would never say that there arent bad mixes. <laughing>. My main belief is that when they put out an album with the original name, and represent it as the original.... That is what I want! You can remaster it, because that is just refinement, but dont mess with the balance of tracks and original mix of it.