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Old 28th May 2003
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i dunno, i feel like i am getting taken when i hear an old song that was miximized for the playback of the systems of yesteryear... there is just so much more fidelity in the systems of today listening to old recordings you are only hearing half of it. MAYBE mastering could fix it...

i dont even think im talking about CLASSICS... but just a LOT of recordings that were less than mediocre.

just on a whim, i would LOVE to hear VU without all the nasally shreiking of their recordings. or hear black sabbath even heavier. i hear ACDC HtH was redone [remastered?], and i hear it sounds GOOD. im gonna go buy it.

im certainly not fixated on the past and keeping it "as-was"... just because they were what they were doesnt mean they can be done better.