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I'm just learning about vinyl, I got to get some of my own.

Yeah they use digital sources a lot of times these days. Probably how I'll do it, maybe with Stan Ricker of Mobile Fidelity fame.
Although I think it would be very cool to do a direct to 2 track tape (probably solo piano stuff) and have that put to vinyl with an all analog chain, maybe even send it off to Abbey Road and have it cut direct to copper and all that. Two generations of analog tape is one generation too many for my taste!

I ended up with an album and a half from the last sessions, an album worth that is dandy for CD and all hangs together musically and conceptually, and half an album of kinda raw but magic tracks, collaborations with some outside writers on their tunes. Really too rough to bear repeated listening wherever CDs are played (lotsa crummy places! Not everything good can stand those kind of playback environments), but with that raw live in the studio garagey-almost type energy... It wants to be heard on vinyl! And half an album is just right for a 12" 45 rpm EP.

Not a remastered classic! But speaking of which, a lot of preferences are being expressed for the vinyl versions of old goodies as vinyl won't let you do the smashaholic mastering thing... Got an eye on an old 70's Harmon Kardon turntable, match my Harmon Kardon pre with the tube RIAA circuit...