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"As a footnote to this... back in 1991 I was on an Eventide Party cruise on the Hudson, and talking to Alan Parsons who did Dark Side of the Moon and other Pink Floyd classics. They were re-releasing Dark Side and he said he wished he was there during mastering so that they could have "brightened it up some" or something to that effect. And my response was "WHY?" But he seemed to feel it was ok to try to make the sonics more like the sonics of that time, as opposed to keeping the original flavor or tonality of the original vinyl release."

Lord preserve us all... (laughing, it's contagious)

When something is proven to be unbelievably, groundbreakingly effective year after year... (crying)

From what I understand, vinyl mastering is only good for so many thousands of albums pressed. Remastering is necessary just because the originals wear out, yes? no? A hazard for some of these multi-million sellers.