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Originally posted by thethrillfactor
I have heard recently many a project destroyed by people dumping digital tracks to a half inch machine just to get the analog sound and not understanding that "mixing through" and "dumping on" will give you two different sounds.
I know mastering guys continue to do that some.

A footnote: One of my last projects at our old studio was this Kick ass Ethnic Jazz thing, and while spinning the mixes on the ATR102 to another reel, the tape jumped track and spilled, putting a nice audible kink in the tape. Fortunately we had a Dat back up of the mix.

We matched levels going from the DAT to the ATR102, recorded about 30 secs onto the 1/2 inch of the affected area. Then did a splice over the damaged area - No one could hear a thing. I think digital is so much more accurate than analog. I dont think theres any way you would be able to go from the analog back to the Dat and not hear a difference. Analog tape is like one big Dynamic Filter/Soft clipper <laughing>.