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And tracking to is different still. In my limited experience this has been the best way to involve the tape machine in a digital project.

I've been working with a 1968 Sony 854-4 1/4" 4 track, a particularly sweet individual machine, and after doing some tests tracking to that and to digital, and going back to analog from there, and back to digital (HEDD & Masterlink) yet again- I'm reluctant to record my voice and some other instruments any other way but to this particular machine, and I may surmise other analog decks at least as good sounding will sound... at least as good? Maybe better.

This Fatso test though indicates to me that I might be able to get pleasurable results (I go by the pleasure principle a lot- if it feels good enough often enough...) straight to digital. Intriguing!

"And yes, every performance was different, even though I tried to do them the same. Operator error again, I guess."

They were all so uncannily similar, I was actually amazed and second guessed myself a bit as to whether they were not in fact the very same performance.