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Let's see if I can cover everything in one post:

If you happen to have an electric guitar, an amp and an overdrive pedal knocking about I for one sure would like hear a couple of crunchy chords with and without the FATSO
Damn you, preben. Now you've gotten into my head with another test to try. But here's the deal. I'm more of a singer than a guitar player. Which means I'm a bit more hesitant to post mp3s of my fabulous rhythm strains. Maybe Jules already has an example in the can? Or someone else. But if no one comes forward within a week, I guess I'll give it a try.

You guys like the opening chords to "Can't Get Enough Of My Love," right?

#4 has just got to be plain louder than the others, at least louder than #1 and #2. Yes?
Yeah, probably. I'd put it down to operator error.

Nice singing by the way- I liked the little bit of rasp on the last one- surely that's the performance being different?
Thanks. When I was young I went for the rasp, but now it comes and goes as it pleases. And yes, every performance was different, even though I tried to do them the same. Operator error again, I guess.

You are right i didn't listen, but I do know what a 1/2" Otari sounds like...garbage!!!(I don't know what machine you used, just throwing it out there).
I used an Otari 1/2". If it's garbage, then what 1/2" decks do you prefer? I think a lot of us would like to hear your opinion of what IS good.

The differences between good/bad analog is more dramatic than good/bad digital. That's why i don't buy any of the "warming'devices. To me when if its digital anything and it says"tape"I stay away.
The Fatso isn't digital, except for the LEDs, but I get your point.

You have to realize that not everyone has had the advantages you have. Apparently, you have access to great analog tape decks and such. Me, I'm just a schmuck with a home Pro Tools studio and some carefully selected analog outboard (although apparently not selected carefully enough).

Hey, man, did you just quit smoking or what? I know they passed that new law in New York recently.

I've seen great posts from thethrillfactor in the past and I've always taken your opinions very seriously (and still do), but all you seem to say on this thread is that the Otari sucks. Okay, we get that. What we'd really like to know is what you would use instead of the Otari or the Fatso.

Using tape as plugin warming device is to awkard in setup and use, and as Dave pointed out there's too many variables to be consistent.
Exactly. When I started the test I thought, "God help me if I prefer the tape, because that would be one monumental hassle." The primary question I had going into this test was, "Given my current rig, am I better off with the Fatso?" For me, the answer is, yes, I'm better off with the Fatso.

Interesting discussion. Now. Someone post some mp3s of an electric guitar Fatsoed and nonFatsoed and get me off the hook.

PS -- I suppose I should start using those damn smilies to reflect the amused expression on my face, but I just... can't... do it.