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I am in no way trying to minimize your ears... but it sounds "wonderful" to me, for a 3 second clip. I do not hear distortion, but right now I'm on Beyer DT-100's which are really crappy to evaluate audio.

You have no idea how I would love for my own voice to have such nice near presence peak. Or a setup that hits (to me) that very musical and pleasant bump. I forever struggled to get how on such many records the highs where blistering tight and strong without drilling a hole in the ear. Your example is THE reason why!

Now, just remember that the file is raw, no presence plate or room... and certainly out of mix context. This very well can distinguish a clear voca from a muffled one. Bring the faders up, listen in context and tweak accordingly. Palte it, delay it, tape saturate it, echoplex it... explore! But I really do love the timbre!

dont despair of freal or get paranoid. Work the audio. Compress, sidechain it if you will, mix it, forget about it and come back, bounce and reference elsewhere. Compare to commercial Cd's, use your car, your laptop speakers

From a VO pro, and this sound just right (though BD DT-100 !! dont forget! Maybe I get home a retract everything !! hehe)