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Old 11th March 2010
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U87 & 3khz vocal distortion, another mic suggestion?

Vintage U87 is my everyday mic for cutting vocals (actually the only large diagram condenser I have). I like the sound it gives to me a lot. Sometimes, actually for over a long period of time I have had 3khz'ish distortion with some vocalists tracks that I have thought was from mic pre or converters. Now as my gear has got way better I still sometimes get that nasty sound on loud and long notes from very dynamic vocalists. As my pres are pretty good and I usually don't run them hot and also keep conversion levels @ about -18dbfs I have nothing else to blame than the mic. Is there a mic that can handle this type of vocals better and sound about the same as old U87? I'm really not into mics that have hyped top so please don't suggest me any of these.