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Modification for direct out :

I used idea that Dualflip explained in his racking design

Remove pins from patch bay that is on back of modules from connection points 95, 96, 97 on PCB .... and keep 98 yellow wire (on my modules) in place
that way you free patch points for use as unbalanced out!!!!

PBC is top mid connection point of patch bay on back of module (red wire)... extend wire and connect to connection point 14 or 15 on PCB under fader. (SIGNAL OUT)
PCM is lower left patchbay point (if looking from back) (blue wire) ... extend it and connect it to ground point anywhere on module where you like module have ground point above connection point 98.. so i used that one!!!

leave PBL white wire patch point free...(maybe for future use)

thats it you have unbalanced exit from each i/o module !!!! thanx Dualflip!!!!

Before modification:

After modification...follow red extended wire: