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Restauration of Studer 169console detail

whell this small beast have great sound... and since i keeped one of few I had.... i spend some time using it in studio.

I notice that channels are actually very different in color and volume also noise level was different on each channel..
in studio I use it as preamps, expander for more channels to my MCI 500 and FX returns since my MCI have only 4 //

Studer is in use as 12 ch desk!!!

after some time I decided to do complete restauration of console

- For all channels recaping of electrolytic caps and tantalums is MUST!!!
after I open console and notice that 80% of FRAKO caps are lets almost dead i ordered panasonic and elna caps

almost all frako caps looked like this!!!


I/o Module Caps list is:

100uf/25v x8
220uf/25v x5
47uf/16v Tantalum x1
10uf/25v Tantalum x3
100uf/3v Tantalum x1

Cleaning faders is MUST !!! top end is in 90% dirty and make crackle while useing it I cleaned that too

also I notice that poor made trim pot is used in I/O module for Fader Buffer calibration RUWIDO 4k7 ... I relpaced it with multiturn Bourns one!!!

still have to demagnetize transformers on modules and mod it for direct output!!!!!

STUDER 169 i/o module after restauration!!!!


List of recaping of each summing module !

100uf/25v x5
220uf/25v x3
1000uf/6,3v x1
1000uf/16v axial x2
0,47uf/35v Tantalum x1
3,3uf/25v Tantalum x2
6,8uf/25v Tantalum x1
10uf/25v Tantalum x3

also cleaned faders and thinking of replacing trim pots and recalibrating modules!!!!