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Originally posted by heinz
The ZZtop re-mixes pretty much killed the fire and intimacy of those early records. What these remixes fail to address is that "snapshot in time" element, and the synergy of music and technology that make the "sound" of the record. I do not generally believe that most classic mixes can be improved with disconnected and surgical post op. But then, I like the first cut of Star Wars much better than the crapped on version.
ZZTop remixes? Which albums? I'd be interested in hearing them just to see what they did and how they "modernized" them.

I'm not a fan of the remasted stuff either. I never owned Dark Side of the Moon until the new issue came out. When it did I looked around for the old one and when I bought it (last copy in the store too) the guy behind the counter and the other people in line thought I was nuts and tried to talk me into the new & improved version.