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Re: Drum Sub Compressing on 02R?

Originally posted by vodka gimli
I would like to try these techniques, but I have never attempted to as of yet. I am a guitarist first and an engineer second (the older, balder and wider I get, the less road gigs I get offered), hence the studio!

Is it possible to compress a drum sub mix on an 02Rv2? Suppose I have drums on channels 1-8 coming from an MX-2424 digitally. How would I set up th 02R to compress these channels?
Hi vodka,

I do this all the time. Send drums to busses 1 and 2, then go to the Setup page 2 and select bus 1 and bus 2 to be sent out via the aux outs 1 and 2. Now go to Digital I/O page 2 and select Bus 1/2 as the input source for Line 17/18.

Now de-select the ST(ereo) outs for the drum inputs, so you don't hear them, except via Line 17/18. Send Aux 1/2 to your compressor and bring the outputs back into a pair of line ins, say, 19/20.

Now comes the real fun. The extra D to A and A to D conversions cause a minute delay between the uncompressed drums going directly to 17/18 and the compressed drums going to 19/20. You have to experiment to get them to line up exactly. My 02R going to the Fatso or JoeMeek comps requires me to put a delay of 84 samples (Delay page) to get the two subs to sound right. Theoretically it should be the same delay for every 02R, unless you're using a digital comp and then you have to add its delay to the equation.

Email me if you have any questions.

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