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Just saw this post and thought a clarification might be in order... TELEFUNKEN microphones are assembled in Connecticut - USA by some guys who are mostly in their 20's. The badges are installed on the microphones after testing in the Connecticut - USA facility.

There are some parts that are sourced from overseas sources in R-F-T line of TELEFUNKEN microphones.

ALL parts in the "Diamond Series" [ELA M 25x, U-47/48, C-12] microphones are built in the USA with the exception of the NOS vacuum tubes, many of which were built in Europe before it was called the EU.

...and now back to our regularly scheduled pogrom.
woops, sorry if that sounded whack. i wasnt implying that t-funk was assembling in china. i was referring the that one incident with the m16 which was corrected. i own a mic from the rft series and love it, i dont see why so much people are still dwelling on the past