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Originally posted by posterchild

If the record companies want to repackage classic albums and make us buy them again, then I want them to put out stems of the original tracks. Yep, stems!
I often wonder if we live for another 20 years, if when you pay a little extra, you can buy an album with a copy of the multitrack on it. It will default to playing the final mix, but then you have the option to "edit" that mix from the front panel of your portable Digital Music Player. Each CD could have remixes on it, along with the multitrack "tapes" so you could play with and change the music. You know... DVD's have those out takes and different shots etc... maybe not only could you remix things, but you could hear different takes, or a different guitar solo, or the banter between takes, etc..... NAHHHH!

Very interesting stuff about the Bob Marley and Miles Davis re-mixes. I never heard them.