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Old 25th May 2003
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anyone who doesnt think classics shouldnt be remixed please go buy Bill Laswells miles davis and bob marley remixes. they are every reason why it can not only be done better but also how it is not sacreligious to make old stuff better. although the marley one is a dub album i sorely miss bobs voice on that. i would of loved if he had done a double disc set and put the vox in after he mixed with dub versions and printed it. i so wish he would redo some jimi hendrix and some led zepplin. i would also love to hear what he would do with abbey road.

but the original mixers redoing it... no way. they did it the first time, let someone else possibly better redo it.

i also picked up the complete restless flaming lips stuff remastered by dave fridman and they do sound better. i wish he woulda remixed it as well but that would be a HUGE undertaking.
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