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I totally agree BOB! I knew about the Madi Interface and thought it was great! Also agree on the potential for standards to be a great thing... but they gotta make sure the users are mostly happy with the setting of them. Wasnt Madi actually a creation of SONY??

Well we cant be too mad because cable & connector technology for high speed transmission has come a long way. Even firewire is an amazing format, although every time I look at that little floppy, chrome covered connector I go EEK!

What we really need is a cabling and connector system that will stay stable as the actualy transmission speed changes. Right now everyone has like 30 connectors on the rear of their digital boxes to deal with the many formats. Its almost as bad as (gasp) the often changing IBM PC Card Slot formats! I give PCI about 2 more years lol. Im not even going to bring up Bill Gates pathetic excuse for a huge, unreliable, idiotic "moving target" set of operating systems going under the pretty name of WINDOWS. Oh how Id love for someone to really start a competing standard that was simple, swift, and beautiful.... Mr Weeny Gates is one fine businessman tho! Apple on the other hand, continues to make bad business decisions after another....

I had no idea about the Mic/Ampex thing honestly. All I know is you can look at an XLR from 10 feet away and tell which pin is pin 3... THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE HOT ONE! It helps when you have a "turnaround" or for the sound guy working in the dark. Visually its just so intuitive to have the top of a triangle be the Hot pin.