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By remix, I assume you mean a dance remix. It's an interesting novelty that's occasionally effective but more commonly an embarrassment because the original version had a better feeling groove. I think one of our biggest problems today is that far too many records using live musicians are virtually undanceable. Most classic singles have been very accessible to both singing and dancing with them. The same factors that create an infectious dance groove also support the kind of compelling vocal performances that provide fans with a great sing-along experience. This is commercial music 101 stuff.

As for 5.1 remixes, most I've heard really suck but I'm not convinced it can't be done given enough care and creative input from the original production teams. It's just that many classic records are pretty fragile illusions and the surround mixers are probably too close to the material to be able to know the subtile difference between the original magic and revealing what's always been behind the curtain.
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