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which DVD burner for AES31 backup drive?

I decided to fill both empty bays on my new Genex GX9000 with identical 18G Seagate Cheetah hard drives. The ability to record two copies of a live performance at the same time was too good to pass up. But that leaves me without any type of inexpensive, removable media type of storage. Fortunately, an 8 track recorder has much smaller storage requirements than a 24 or 48 track machine, so I can seriously consider a DVD drive instead of a DLT or AIT tape drive. And the ability to read the DVD files in almost any DAW gives DVD a big advantage over the tape formats. Can anyone recommend a suitable external DVD drive for use as a backup device with my GX9000? External storage devices can be either Firewire or SCSI (the internal drives are SCSI only). Suggestions?


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