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Originally Posted by Fletcher

You have a quality tool in the Manley Gold Reference. You obviously purchased it because it fit with your sense of aesthetic. Even if you find a new love... be it the
Blue stuff or an E-49 or a whateverthefukk... don't sell tools that work for you to get other tools. Build a collection of tools.

A visual artist doesn't sell their red paint to buy blue paint... don't sell a quality piece of hardware to get a different quality piece of hardware. Somewhere down the road you're going to sit there kicking yourself that you sold ____ because it's the exact thing you need more than oxygen at the moment.

How do I know? I've made that mistake more than a few times and found myself in a world of regret every time I've done it... and with all due respect, I have a hell of a lot more tools at my disposal than most. I'm speaking from experience when I mention that I've found myself regretting selling something it's because it was a unique sounding tool [like the Manley Gold has a unique tone] and I really needed that specific texture for a project.

Of course I've been able to work around things like that... you've got to do what you've got to do to complete the gig to the best of your ability... but knowing that you once had the right tool for a job and you no longer have it because you sold it for ____ [which won't work nearly as well in the same application] is a total drag.

I'd recommend you "build a collection" of tools over time instead of playing 'hardware roulette' where you sell ___ to buy a ____ then sell that ____ to buy a ____ and a ____. Not nly do you lose money with every sale [most of the time] but you don't add depth and texture to your arsenal of tools.

Best of luck with what ever course you choose.

very good advise!
now if you hate the the Manley and know you will never use it, thats possibly a different story.
i say wip out the CC and just get the big blue bottle!