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Originally posted by slipperman
The biggest tool in Andy's arsenal is Steve Sisco. His assistant engineer for the past 14 years. Steves' crackjack organizational skills and relentless attention ....Steve is undoubably the greatest mix asssistant EVER, IMHO. They move as one. It's truly frightening.
Slipper - That is a great tribute to Andy and Steve. Part of being successful in this world is surrounding yourself with great people. Its a real talent, and a developed skill. Just check out the Frank Sinatra thread. Case after case is made for Frank surrounding himself with great producers, arrangers, musicians, engineers, and great equipment, etc.

I didnt know about Steve, but either way, you have to appreciate Andy for finding and mentoring Steve. Sometimes it gets back to the left brain, right brain thing, which is really only a metaphor for "creative vs. logical and methodical". Steve is Andy's "left brain," and lets Andy concentrate on the artisitc/creative decisions and overall concept of a mix. The minutea are overseen by Steve as you have indicated, and Andy doesnt "tangle" his brain with "insert 25, going to LN1176-3, Pultec EQ-1, De-esser 2. split back in to channels 25 - 27... or whatever...

Thanks for the input about Steve Sisco! Thats a a name I will try to remember. I hope we see Steves name on albums 5 years from now. It makes me feel warm that Im not the only major fan here of Andy Wallace.

P.S. I dont think Andy has ever used a Distressor. <laughing>