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Originally posted by Ol' Betsey
YEAH! The first time I've EVER heard anyone else on these forums mention Shudder To Think or Pony Express.

What a great record. And what a great sounding record.

Strange and wildly wonderful music. Except for the fact that it's rock music, I wouldn't know how to describe it. It's pretty far out there.

I used that album as my engineering/production inspiration for quite a few years.

Until I lost it... grudge

And it's nigh on impossible to find. ANYWHERE.

After posting, I checked around a bit.

There are actually a ton of people still trying to unload cutouts, nearly 10 years after it came out--ya gotta love the record industry.

People always say that cockroaches would survive a nuclear war; I think promo CDs need to be added to the list.

Here's Amazon's selection.

It is a damn good record, isn't it? I think a number of the melodies are based on 12 tone rows, but somehow it doesn't sound pretentious--it still rocks. It's amazing that they got signed to Sony, though. I would have loved to hear the pitch, "C'mon, all kids are into Serialism these days..."

Anyway, here's to great weird records...
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