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Old 26th February 2010
Here for the gear

"^ yes but there is a lovely smooth saturation/overdriven quality to the vox on the latest one - So its not just the mic/room/vocalist."

Exactly, it sounds fantastic don't it!

"there's quite a few people involved... No mention of who mixed it though.

Marti Terefe has a great studio... Trident desk and some great outboard and mics"

Thanks blast.... not trying to be rude... but again, 'probly using pretty good gear' is not at all what im asking about....


I dont care who mixed it... i thought it worth a shot to ask and maybe be lucky enough to hear from someone on the production crew or knew about the equipment used. BUT, as indicated, im looking for some thoughts from you guys if you were working with a vocalist with a similar tone, timbre, and texture... any help?