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Old 23rd May 2003
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I've been experiementing with Fatso on the 2-buss and so far so good. My setup is a Pro Tools LE system, so my mixes up until now have been digital to a MasterLinik.

But since Dave's here, no better time to try out tricks with Fatso, right? So I've tested two mixes, one a voiceover CD, the other a simple Americana ballad.

On the first test -- the proof set, I guess -- I ran the mixes from ProTools to the Apogee PSX-100 with UV22 into the MasterLink at 16-bit, 44.1. (Everything was originally recorded at 24-bit, 44.1 BTW).

The second mix ran from the Apogee D/A to the Fatso with the 2buss compression on to the MasterLink (and every final mix was 16-bit, 44.1). Then I tried it without the 2buss compression. Then I tried it with Spank, mostly for kicks.

Then I ran it through the Drawmer 1969 straight to the MasterLink. Then I tried combinations of the Drawmer and Fatso. I tried about 8 or so different combinations.

What I found is for both recordings, I preferred the Fatso with the 2buss compression, warmth at 2. I really didn't expect this and it was a blind listening test (all I have to do is wait two days before I completely forget what I've recorded. I've learned it's important to keep a list of what-is-what, though. Yeah, that's kind of key.)

I really expected to favor the digital to digital mixes, because I've always heard that once you enter the digital domain you should stay there. Or so I've heard. But I think Jules also runs a Fatso on the 2buss, if I'm not mistaken, so I don't think I'm alone on this.

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