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We're talking about Telefunken USA, who stuck their logo on a cheap Chinese mic, called it the M16, and charged 10x more than it was worth, so you can't really trust the price argument.

Anyways, I've never heard the U47M, but I know that for $1700, it's tough to beat the Peluso for vintage-type tube microphone sounds (although it should be possible to find it new in the $1500 range...).
why is it that only telefunken gets ragged on for this? it was a mistake but there are a LOT of other companies who buy fairy turds like t-bones in big stock rebadge them then send it to reviewers who say "ZOMG THIS MIC JUST HAD INTERCOURSE WITH MY EAR(S)" and then get gear pimps to post on here saying "EAR(S) MY WITH INTERCOURSE HAD JUST MIC THIS ZOMG"
if you buy a microphone assembled by a 3 month old chinese boy which was then rebadged by a cigar chomping american then thats your fault. if you dont know that it was and love the mic great!
i own a few rebadged scammy mics but i love them, yet i have NEVER heard these companies being attacked for what they have done.