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The Coldplay album lived in our car for a long time! An unusual thing about that album was that it got played on a lot of hard rock stations along with MOR type top 40 radio. K-Rock here in NYC continually plays them even tho it has little to do with hard rock and screaming guitars. I think besides the great songs, the sound had a lot to do with that album. Congratulations Michael on the Grammy thats sittin on your shelf from mixing that album.



Just a quick thought. On your matrix box, you suggested 24 channels with 23 sends. Counting each channels own volume, that is gonna be 576 knobs and pots. That be a mess O' knobs! Lets say you use medium quality pots and knobs at $4 each. That comes out to $2304 in just pots and knobs. Now lets add a chassis and some PC boards, connectors, power supply and paint, thats gonna be at least another $400 bringing us to $2700 in parts alone. Now lets give the manufacturer 30% on top of that, the distributor 15%, and the store another %30 for list price. That comes to $5247 list price. Add sales tax and the matrix mixer comes to $5562... and thats prolly on the low side if you use good parts. Keep in mind there is no EQ, nor Distressor for every channel, nor metering, and probably a 7 unit high 19 inch rack mount chassis that has to sit in a big rack somewhere.

Economics sucks, doesnt it?