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My experience with TeleUSA ELAM 251 (with AC701k and and original Austrian capsule, I don't know how they call this version 'E' or 'V') is nothing less than absolutelly excellent.
Very few original ELAMs (our of several dozens) pleased my tastes in same fashion as mentioned mic and vast majority of vintage classices were simply weaker sounding, although all definitelly in 251 sonic ballpark.
Now question is may the clone be better than original?
Rarely so, but in this single particular case that I know (and other that heard it), so far no original vintage ELAM 251 subjectivelly better pleased my and our engineers ears.
All other 251 clones we tried were close in some respects, but lacked sonic dimension and subtle nuances that marvel with this mic.
Is it worth 4-8 k or more price difference depends on objectives.
IMO mics are one of things in sturio where nuances means much more that with some other gears.
I hear them and can't justify saving some $$$ and live with compromise, but that's me and we are all different.