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Old 25th February 2010
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Balancing fig 8 underheads. Photo included!

hey guys,

I've lately been trying to perfect using 2 fig8 ribbons between the cymbals and the drums as my overhead image... much in the way Eric Valentine (TBS, QOTSA, Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind) does.
I love the sound but I'm not sure if there is a better way to approach it.
Essentially you have the raise the cymbals up really high to get the mics in.. but with a good drummer.. they can adjust really quickly.

At the moment I usually have one about 1.5 ft about the middle of the tom and snare and the other above the floor tom and my main concern has been making sure they are both in phase with the kick drum.
This makes for a great tom sound and nice rounded kick although it puts the snare quite heavily to one side (right side on my approach).

Has anyone else delved into this technique or has any ideas how to better center the snare in the image?? Or Do you think that its not that big of a problem having a snare heavy right side??

The other thing i did this weekend, which I quite liked was to also put up some 414's in XY above the cymbals and blended the sound although this did make the snare balance thing a little annoying.

any tips would be most appreciated!

...heres a rough photo I took on my iphone.. you can see sort of where the royer 121's are above the hats and floor tom