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I have no doubt that the $10k mic is going to win the've got to decide whether it's worth the extra $8000. I used a Tele Ela M 251 E on this song You've Changed and it was just too harsh on my voice. It's an $8000 mic. I've loved the 2247 LE - used it on this song Something I Really Want To Do
and it was $1700...
So - the 2247 LE was TONS better for me. Now would a Tele 47 be even better...probably, but I just don't think it's a $8200 difference.
For what it's worth, here's a female on a Studio Projects C1 - and it sounds's $200.
Tried Too Hard

hey John,
what is your go-to choice for micing the acoustic guitars? Those tracks sound great and the SP C1 really brings out the magic in her voice on Tried Too Hard.