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Thanks, coldplay was a special record. To begin with it was well played,well recorded and it was well arranged so that I had room to play with delays and space. Very little compression is going on most of the time on this record."yellow" is the only exception.I sent the drums to an outboard waves L2 and just turned it into the dynamics of tone and then brought that back under the regular sound of the uncompressed drums. the snare as a result has a kind of strange phase to it that worked in giving the song that haunting feel. To try and break down the 4 busses would do no good without explaining what went to them and that would take a couple pages and I don't want to bore you with it, not to mention I don't remember exactly. The article coming out this month in tape-op should describe in depth what I use across those busses and how it works. I also went into detail on how someone with a small non ssl desk can apply my approach with the same results. I have a Q&A and article section on my site that addressed some coldplay questions from a couple years ago when it was hot off the press.iT may give you some ideas to try. the site is When I get a copy of the article, I'll put in on the site.