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Hi Dave. I kinda feel all warm inside now that you have replied to me . Very nice to have the designer of the distressor talking to the users. Cool!

My Every plugin is 'Crap' may have been a little harsh. I'm sure there are a few decent ones out there, I have yet to hear them however. Some reasons I have gone off plugins.

EQ'ing with a mouse. Never have gotten used to it. It feels to detached. Better with a hardware controller, but one still has to think which button to press first. Still not natural, but certainly better than mousing.

The sonics (Eq in particular): Rarely have I been happy with an eqed sound using a plugin + it takes me a lot longer to get the desired result thus more times than not losing the moment. (This is a big problem for many I beleive) which inevetably leads one down the path of "I need more plugins" to get that desired 'sound'

Compression: Characterless pretty much says it all. I feel that Plugin comps just squash the life out of any sound source thrown at it. Yes they can control the dynamics of a signal as good as any hardware plugin. But of course there are nasty side effects + of course there is zero character. Makes sounds 'Small', and thin.

Expense: I fully realise that software companies carry out a lot of research and development But I now compare Plugins with Hardware (Like the Distressor). The choice is easy imo. A brand new distressor isnt that much more than the Sony Comp but one will get far more milage from a Distressor or any other high end box. (well maybe not as I havent tried every high end box)

I would bet a serious amount of dosh that I will still be using my Distressor in 5 years time. I cant say the same for my current range of plugins and I mean any of them. Im sure many in here have a great affection for some of their hardware gear whether it be an outboard EQ, or sampler. I have never had any affection for a plugin. Is that just me?

Plugins that are useful to me tend to be th emore esoteric range of stuff. Although for Pro Tools the esoteric range is rather limited. I think PT's 3rd party plugins are more of the bread and butter type. But there are some VST plugins that are very useable in certain circumstances, and the same goes for Logic's natives plugins. Emagic have a few standout ones like Autofilter for eg, and actually their Multiband Compressor isnt to bad at all. It actually has some character. I'm fortunate enough to be able to use native plugs because I also have the ESB TDM bridge which was definitely one of the best £250 I ever spent. It freed me from the chains of TDM plugs. In a nutshell the best plugins to my ears are the ones that have been designed to be different, or something that is difficult to achieve from hardware boxes.

One question I would like to ask (if its been answered just point me to the thread)

When you guys design something like the distressor is this because you cant find a box to do what you want thus the only course is to build it yourself?

And, what type of sound sources do you use when you are at the prototype stage to test a new piece of gear. Do you use CD's, soloed instruments, vocals, gtrs, etc. Did you try out drum machines, samplers etc. I ask the question because I find the distressor is excellent on just about any sound source I throw at it. (In particular Bass (real or synth) and Vox)

erm I think that was more than 1 question

Thanks again for a great product Dave and its great to see you here.