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First, thank you for your comments! Besides the nice things you say about the Distressor, I tend to agree with you about the rather "characterless" quality of most plug ins. Again, i have admitted to not knowing the lastest plug ins for PT intimately, but have fiddled about with lots of them recently at shows and demos in stores. On another post I mentioned that many of the Emulations of classic gear just really didnt capture much of the magic that made them classics. It has again to do with the blanket, mathematical modeling that eventually still takes over, when creating a plug in. All the block diagrams, flow charts, and planning in the world will not overcome basic limitations of a sampled system, nor prevent the unwary DSP code writer from making possible eroneous assumptions.

Our ears are remarkably sensitive to minor deviations and tiny transient events. Even when someone attempts to model a circuit down to every transistor, diode, cap and resistor, he/she had better have a well tuned ear, and their weight in good test equipment to make sure the device behaves the same in every situation, as the device he is trying to model, before he declares success.

There's still a lot of wishful thinking going on in the world of plug ins... and I suspect it will probably be a while before Empirical Labs is willing to put their endorsement on a model of their analog products.

Thanks for your thoughts, experiences, and advice, marychain.