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Originally Posted by DirkB
Had a dirt guitar session today and as normally I start putting up my beloved R-121 and a SM57 and put them on a spot where they sound their best. Then a little IBP on the SM57 to get in as much in phase with the R-121 as possible, both amped by a TG2 and then see what I got (I often use only one of them, sometimes one a little and the other a lot and sometimes...)

Mind you, I'm a R-121 lover. I try it first on new things and often like it a lot.
However, tonight, on this particular, modified ENGL SE amp + 4x10 ENGL cab the SM57 beat the **** out of the R-121 for a guitar solo. It wasn't even a contest...

Gotta love the SM57, when it's right there's nothing better .

Just wanted to share this, you would need to hear it, but man, the SM57 never beat the R-121 with that much margin at my place .

Hey! shows your on your toes and not a slave to routine. thumbsup