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That's right david I was referring to Bottom-drums,Perc bass/Middle-Gtrs/Middle 2 - keys, synths, strings/ top- vocals . I also have a stereo send going to a couple 1176's assigned to the uncompressed stereo bus. If I need more punch from the bass drum when everthing is full on, I can additionally send it to the stereo buss and adjust the level or if i'm looking for a more aggressive sound I'll send it to the 1176's. It always gives me that extra level or sound I need. If you ever find yourself up against the wall and you can't get the bass drum or other instrument to punch out, this technique works like a charm. I really like Jule's keyed stereo gtr trick. I'm going to have to try that out. What keyed compressor works well for that nasty sound?Distressors I assume but since I've never used them in that way I can't remember if they have a keyed input.