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Old 21st May 2003
Cool topic,

Here is the "Jules sex pistols / Nirvana / Smashing Pumpkins trick"

Can be done on a DAW or mixing desk.

Route most distorted gtrs & bass to 2 stereo groups that contribute to the mix buss

Group 1 = uncompressed gtr group

Group 2 = compressed gtr group

How to do "the trick"

Place a stereo compressor with a "key input" across the 2nd group, dedicate a send to this key input, send mostly kick drum and perhaps experiment with sending a little Snare & toms to the key input.

So the kick drum "smacks down" the guitars.... This gives the effect of a PA or car stereo on the verge off blowing up or a Sex Pistols record at full blast....

Set up the compressor at say .. 10-1 ratio fastest release and experiment with the attack to get the 'surging' sound just freaked out right..

Get the 2nd group sounding INSANELY OVER DONE.. then you simply blend the two groups to taste....

Chorus dist gtrs benefit greatly by this.

NOTE - on a DAW you must make the 1st group (Aux) have the same sample delay (use Time Adjuster plug in) as the 2nd..

NOTE - you take a MASSIVE risk in scaring the act / client, if you set this up while they are in the room, it HAS to sound freaky while you set it up, then you blend the freak with the nature...

Freak - EE - deekie!