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sub mixing

Hi Dave, Thanks for the kind words. I did a two part interview for Tape-Op in which I discuss my approach to mixing using stereo subs. It is a condensed version because I think the original interview was about 12 pages. But I think it will open up some new avenues for those that are looking for a way to compress different parts of the mix without effecting each other. The idea came to me as a result of when I was mixing Freeway of Love for Aretha Franklin and Narada, the producer kept asking for more bottom. The stereo compressor would just squash everything else that I had sounding great. The SSL 6000 had just come out and I began experimenting with the 3 busses until I came up with a way to process the bottom, mid and the top of record separately from each other. The result was better dynamics and a bigger sound. I didn’t always have access to an SSL 6000 so I had Sony Studios build me a matrix(that david refers to and was my one and only patent) to address my need for 3 stereo busses summing into one with a few bells and whistles added. Eventually I chose to only mix on a 6000 then 8000 and now the SSL 9000 J. It has 4 stereo busses and the main stereo making it 5 st. busses for me to combine and manipulate. I'll be at the tape-op convention on the Compression Panel(of course). Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate more on the subject. Thanks, michael