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Originally posted by jpaudio

Drum bus stereo submix: a little different than above, instead of sending all drum tracks to seperate bus, you would send them to main stereo bus AND another pair of bus outs, which feed a pair of compressors such as EL8s set to "Nuke" or Alan Smart C2 set to "Crush", completely destroy the drums in a musical and rythmic manner, and return just a bit of the compressor outputs back into the main stereo bus. Fun fun fun! I've done this with just kick and snare, for a more solid "center" to the drum sound, and also on stereo toms. Can get wierd on overheads/cymbals.
I do a variant of this with drums; they go to two busses; one (the clean drum buss) goes through a Drawmer 1969, while the other, with all tracks except the kick drum, gets nuked. The nuke bus is just to add a little flavor.

I mixed a project a week or so back where lead vocals were bussed to two tracks; one with a little gentle compression with a CL1B, and the other smashed fairly hard through an 1176. Nice effect, and I'll be doing it more...

Neither of these are new or exciting, but I wanted to chime in somehow.
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