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I have heard some wacky things done with buss compression and submix compression. For instance, thousands of people will take the drum submix and compress the whole thing to make it have it's own size and to fit together cohesively.

One of my incredibly talented mixdown engineer friends, Michael Brauer, even built his own "Submix Matrix" Rig so he can manipulate wierd combinations of instruments through eqs and compressors. (Michael won a Grammy for the huge COLD PLAY album he mixed).

What other submix compressor tricks, like with background vocals, or the guitar/keybard submix etc, have you all heard about or tried with great success?

Also I'm very interested in cases where you mix a compressed signal back up under the original signal, like the trick John Paterno wrote about when mixing vocals. And John, I'd love to hear more of your tricks with busses and signal conditioning (and tricks you've seen with Tchad Blake and Mitchel Froom etc.)