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You can use the orpheus as a stanalone ADDA with its adat ports (I just found this out today - and might now get two instead of 1 Dream ADA-8XR - not quite made my mind up yet!)

This means that if you're ok with working at 44.1K or 48K in Protools, you can plug the ADATs into a Digi 192. ADAT bridge, or 96 to get into Protools HD, just as easy as any other ADAT converter - and no messing with Firewire!! (and for Protools LE, you can plug it into the optical ports of a digi001,002 or 003)

Now I just need to weigh up whether it's worth twice the price for an ADA-8XR to have a direct interface to protools at all sample rates, or whether I'm happy enough with the Orpheus steup I'm thinking of