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though i've never had this problem, my old g3 did some weird stuff when i maxed it out...

you might have too high of a track count( or plugs)...did you try opening a new project and recording a track by itself just to see if you could get any clean audio into the computer? your buffer setting of 1024 seems reasonable so that shouldn't be a problem. what type of hard drives are you running? with a g3 you really need some 10k cheetahs to keep the track count up.

if you can get clean audio into a new project file then you may have to track the guitars into a session where the only other audio track is a stereo rough guide mix of the project. not an optimum setup but it may get you over the hump.

its been awhile since i changed the settings on my 2408, but maybe you can set your main inputs to the headphone output so you can at least monitor the converted signal to see if the a/d is the culprit. doesn't sound like a clock issue but i'd check it anyway.

btw, did you try any other sources( a keyboard for example) to see if they were also distorted? if your guitars are active the battery might be dying...i know this sounds stupid but surely i'm not the only person in the world who's taken their guitar to their tech only to be told it was the battery....